Name Brand Parallel Imports

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These Fragrances are not China Imported Fragrances, not water or oiled based, but these are proper Alcohol Based Sealed Fragrances.

These are not store bought perfumes, but imported as Parallel Imports that may be Reject Perfumes and we do not check every box individually to see it's reject cause. 

Some reasons for rejection:

Due to printing error, some of the bottles have the wrong labels for the concentration of perfume, for example, bottles that contain Eau de Perfume (EDP) are labeled Eau de Toilette (EDT) and vice versa. Slight Discoloration of the bottles, some fragrances has been in circulation longer, so their smell Might Not last as long as the store items your are used to (bearing in mind that these Fragrances are priced at a Fraction of the costs in a retail store). 


Consumers can access high-quality perfumes at lower prices.


Potential lack of warranty or support from brand.

However, these Brand Name Parallel Import Rejected Perfumes are STILL VALUE FOR MONEY.

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